Call for Papers

The global energy scenario has been undergoing drastic changes. After a steady growth during a decade, the oil price heavily fell in 2014. In Latin America, the new reality for the prices is a significant challenge for existing and new oil and gas E&P projects. These projects, such as the Brazilian Pre-salt, have to be competitive, in order to contribute for increasing the global oil supply in the long term. In the electric sector, the integration of renewable sources into the generation matrix and the management of their intermittency are the global challenges. The renewable resources are plentiful in Latin America, and the diffusion of these sources in the region can occur with minor effects in relation to the cost and supply security. In addition, the universalization of energy access remains as an objective for the energy policy in some countries, in the region.

The topic to be addressed in the 6th Latin American Energy Economics Meeting is the challenge for the Latin America in relation to the new global energy scenario. The 6th ELAEE will be held in Rio de Janeiro, on April 2-5, 2017. Internationally recognized speakers will be part of this event. Academics, business and political leaders, as well as energy consultants and analysts, will discuss relevant subjects for the future of the energy in the Latin America. The 6th ELAEE is an opportunity for attendees to be informed of the state of the art in the field of energy economics and to interact with the international community.

Abstract Format

Authors wishing to make concurrent session presentations must submit online an abstract that briefly describes the research or case study, by the deadline of November 11, 2016. The abstract must not exceed two pages in length and it must include the following sections:

1. Overview: brief presentation of the topic including its background and potential significance
2. Methodology: how the matter was addressed, what techniques were used
3. Expected results: Key findings
4. Conclusions: Lessons learned and implications

Abstracts can be submitted in English, Spanish or Portuguese. In the abstract, the author must inform the language he/she would present the final work at the conference. As to enhance their reach, we recommend that papers would preferably be written and presented in English.

As soon as abstracts are approved by the Program Committee, authors will be notified until December 15, 2016 to submit their final paper to be published on the online proceedings. For more information write to or click here.


Conference Topics

  • Oil and Gas investments in a low price scenario;
  • Regional Impact of the Unconventional Oil and Gas Revolution;
  • Renewable energy diffusion: Policies and implications;
  • The geopolitics of oil and natural gas;
  • The utilities of the future;
  • Energy supply security;
  • Energy and development: poverty and sustainability;
  • Energy technology and innovation policy in Latam
  • Energy efficiency policy in Latam
  • Energy Integration
  • Energy Transition
  • Energy and Climate Change
  • Transportation and Mobility
  • Energy Modelling
  • Future of Nuclear Power
  • Energy and Macroeconomics
  • Fiscal Impacts of the energy sector
  • Energy Subsidies


Abstracts submission deadline: November 11, 2016