Registration Fee Scholarships

The 6th ELAEE conference organisers are offering a limited number of registration fee scholarships to offset the conference registration costs only to students who will be presenting a paper at the conference.

The fee scholarships are awarded only to students who have had their papers accepted for presentation. This is done on a rolling basis (first-come, first served) until funds run out, so early applications are encouraged. No applications will be accepted after January 25, 2017.

In exchange for receiving a registration fee scholarship, students may be asked to assist the conference organisers with certain tasks, such as assembling registration packets, helping with registration, or providing technical support to session chairs.


To be eligible for consideration, you must:

- Be a full-time student as of the application deadline;

- Be a financial member of IAEE. Membership information may be found at IAEE website.


Application materials must consist of:

- Letter from applicant (see details below);

- Letter from applicant's advisor or another faculty member familiar with your research (see details below).


The letter from applicant should:

- State that you meet qualifications listed above (include photocopy of student ID);

- Briefly describe your energy interests and what you hope to accomplish by attending the conference;

- Provide the title and authors of your paper submitted for presentation;

- Provide the name and contact information for the faculty member who will be writing a letter on your behalf.


The letter from applicant's advisor or another faculty member familiar with your research should:


- Briefly describe your research interests, the nature of your academic program, and your academic progress;

- state whether he or she recommends that you be awarded the conference fee scholarship.


Please submit all materials electronically in PDF format to , with "Application for the ELAEE Conference Registration Fee Scholarship" in the subject line.